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Equipped with specialized LPR cameras mounted on the patrol vehicle, the AutoVu™ system scans license plates and alerts officers to violations.

How AutoVu™ LPR Increases Compliance:

* Enforcement routes can be completed faster and more frequently
* Every vehicle is checked for compliance
* Multiple permits are enforced at once
* Scofflaws are automatically identified so repeat violators are caught on daily patrols
* Automation removes the potential for human error
* Customers take notice, complying with rules and paying fines

PSA has partnered with SW24 Security Solutions in providing License Plate Recognition.

SW24 has been named Genetec’s official AutoVu Premier Partner in the northeastern United States. AutoVu is Genetec’s state-of-the-art LPR system and is used by law enforcement agencies throughout the country.  SW24 has an active law enforcement user base of state and local law enforcement agencies using LPR systems everyday to keep the public safe.

Our LPR package contains the AutoVu IP-based cameras and software as well as computers such Getac or Panasonic. Together, this solution provides efficient, accurate license plate recognition for mobile and stationary law enforcement applications. Rounding out excellence in technology is the SW24 24/7 technical customer service you need to help ensure that you have the support you need, when you need it.